February 25, 2008

But is he Good for Anything?

Again, there are people asking: Is Obama good for the Jews? I don't think he will be that much different from the Clintons, Bush or McCain regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue if he finally becomes President. Certain Jewish groups have accused him on not being sufficiently supportive of Israel, and the way some see him-erroneously mind you-, if he keeps his so called "moderate" stance, he will scare away potential jewish donors, and the Republicans will pounce on him at the very least as weak, or at the very worst as a terrorist appeaser.
But let's see what this accredited Fatah member has said:

On march 2, 2007:

"...we must preserve our total commitment toour unique defense relationship with Israel by fully funding military assistance and continuing work on the Arrow and related missile defense programs. This would help Israel maintain its military edge and deter andrepel attacks from as far as Tehran and as close as Gaza. Andwhen Israel is attacked, we must stand up for Israel’s legitimate rightto defend itself. Last summer, Hezbollah attacked Israel. By usingLebanon as an outpost for terrorism, and innocent people as shields, Hezbollah has also engulfed that entire nation in violence and conflict,and threatened the fledgling movement for democracy there. "

Granted, he did put more pressure on Israel to achieve a diplomatic solution, but again, this is no different from what previous administrations have tried, or said to have tried.

"But in the end, we also know that we should never seek to dictate what isbest for the Israelis and their security interests. No Israeli PrimeMinister should ever feel dragged to or blocked from the negotiating table by the United States."

Right....pretty please...make peace! We'll just watch from over here...

Ok, so he didn't go to rallies supporting the Israeli air campaign and land incursion into Lebanon in 2006 as Hillary did, but he did vote to support it. And he didn't support the Iraq War vote, which was endorsed by the Israeli Far-right. But in many fundamental issues, he did not stray too far away from the mainstream.

But you know what? Right now I don't really care if Obama is good for the Jews, the Surinamese, or the Hobbits. The real question is: Is Obama good for the Flu? Because I could really use some Luo Tribesman, "Muslimist", or native Hawaiian remedy right now to relieve my throbbing headache and congested, mucus ridden lungs . And for the record, we actually found out who obama really is NOT good for: Mariachi Bands.


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