July 26, 2006

The Blue Drone says...

Some crossword puzzles are just not meant to be finished.

July 22, 2006

El Zángano Azul dice...

Si empiezas a sentirte como 'Pepe le Pew', significa que debes desistir en tu empresa.
No, en serio, desiste...

July 13, 2006

Zidane & the Mideast Crisis...

Reading Estruendomudo's article on this Egalité, Fraternité, Liberté deal we all talk about so much in Fútbol and in other matters got me thinking, and I was forced to research the issue further. I found this while reading this morning's ever enlightening news:

A member of Lebanese Hizbollah Shi'ite group guards the entrance of the group's television station, al-Manar, following an Israeli air raid in Beirut July 13, 2006.

Do not let the caption fool you. This man is not incensed by the recent attacks in Southern Lebanon by Israel, including the airport near Beirut today. He is brandishing his AK-47 and wearing his Real Madrid jersey in indignation following the Zidane debacle in the World Cup. Yes, sports bring us together...just not in the ways we expect.

Guns in the air* : A Lebanese woman, brandishing guns, celebrates in Beirut's southern suburbs after pro-Iranian Hezbollah fighters captured two Israeli soldiers in south Lebanon.

Just as infuriated is this gentle old grandmother, who promised "To put a cap in that punk-bitch referee's ass! Inshalla!" seconds before going into this refrain:

*It go guns in the air, guns in the air

Us thugged out niggaz keep our guns in the air

Guns in the air, guns in the air

Us m.u. niggaz keep our guns in the air, what?

[n] bout to lock the whole shit down, so holla at the dog

[n] bout to lock the whole shit down, so holla at the dog

Aiyyo guns in the air, guns in the air

Us grimy-ass niggaz keep our guns in the air, what?

July 12, 2006


A Lebanese citizen gestures near the ruined Qasmiya Bridge near Tyre in south Lebanon shortly after being bombed by Israeli warplanes July 12, 2006.

Now they've really got Hizbollah! There is no better way to deal with the 'terrorists' than blowing up bridges! I mean, blowing up the Terrorist Bridges of Deadly Horror!

The Qassmieh bridge is seen destroyed after Israeli warplanes targeted it, on the main north-south highway, southern Lebanon, Wednesday, July 12, 2006

God forbid not destroying those bridges! Who knows, a terrorist might just walk, drive even, over it!

Lebanese men inspect a bridge damaged by Israeli waplanes near the village of Kfar Rouman in south Lebanon, Wednesday July 12, 2006.

Those two are probably terrorists as well, trying to fix the integrated anti-semite rockets laden with explosive bacon that obviously were well hidden in the terrorist bridge!

Aw heck! Might as well enjoy the show, my taxes partly paid for it anyway...

Smoke rises after Israeli jets fired missile on the village of Rachaya Al-Fokah near Chibaa in south Lebanon

Ooooohhhh...Pretty pretty explosions. That's awesome duude!

An Israeli mobile artillery piece fires towards southern Lebanon near the Israeli army post of Zaura Wednesday July 12, 2006.

That's some Righteous Firepower!

July 11, 2006

The Blue Drone Says: Sports Edition

-On Zidane: Head Butts R Ok. I shall make bumper stickers with the phrase, get rich and ditch the Hive for good.

-On Maserati, Mazzerati or whatever his name is: He's an imbecile.

'Materazzi admitted he insulted Zidane before the France captain head-butted him, but denied calling him a ''terrorist.''
''I did insult him, it's true,'' Materazzi said in Tuesday's Gazzetta dello Sport. ''But I categorically did not call him a terrorist. I'm not cultured and I don't even know what an Islamic terrorist is.''

-On deciding a World Championship via Penalty Shootout: Stupid stupid...like deciding an NBA championship via marbles shootout, or a tied baseball game via Badminton deathmatch.

-On crybaby fútbol players who fake injuries on the field: They should each be repeatedly beaned by 98-101 mph fastballs...now that's pain bitch!

-On the MLB All-Star Game: Nobody cares about the All-Star game.

-On Kittens: kittens r so cuute! Who's a cute little kitty, yes u are!!!

Ok, maybe the last one isn't really related to sports...

Vive le Hot Dog!