July 12, 2006


A Lebanese citizen gestures near the ruined Qasmiya Bridge near Tyre in south Lebanon shortly after being bombed by Israeli warplanes July 12, 2006.

Now they've really got Hizbollah! There is no better way to deal with the 'terrorists' than blowing up bridges! I mean, blowing up the Terrorist Bridges of Deadly Horror!

The Qassmieh bridge is seen destroyed after Israeli warplanes targeted it, on the main north-south highway, southern Lebanon, Wednesday, July 12, 2006

God forbid not destroying those bridges! Who knows, a terrorist might just walk, drive even, over it!

Lebanese men inspect a bridge damaged by Israeli waplanes near the village of Kfar Rouman in south Lebanon, Wednesday July 12, 2006.

Those two are probably terrorists as well, trying to fix the integrated anti-semite rockets laden with explosive bacon that obviously were well hidden in the terrorist bridge!

Aw heck! Might as well enjoy the show, my taxes partly paid for it anyway...

Smoke rises after Israeli jets fired missile on the village of Rachaya Al-Fokah near Chibaa in south Lebanon

Ooooohhhh...Pretty pretty explosions. That's awesome duude!

An Israeli mobile artillery piece fires towards southern Lebanon near the Israeli army post of Zaura Wednesday July 12, 2006.

That's some Righteous Firepower!

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