March 4, 2008

They should make a movie...

Apparently there are some fans of retro-1970's Automobile Destruction B-movies in the District. Now if they could only get in touch with a good director, it would probably make for a much better movie than Tarantino's coke-addled rant, pastiche borefest of a movie called Death-Proof.
'In the first incident, at Phelps Place and California Street NW, the attacker slashed a cabdriver's tires and drove a half-block away, police said. He then put his vehicle in reverse and hit the driver "at a high rate of speed," causing him to be "lifted into the air," according to the police report. The cabbie suffered broken ribs, police said.'

"We're calling him 'the Rogue Cabdriver,' " said D.C. Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes. "It appears that he wants his competition out of the city."

More at the WaPo

"Rogue Cabdriver" Hmmm...Has a sweet ring to it. Monte Hellman could direct; if Peckinpah or Frankenheimer were still alive they would have been perfect.

The real Rogue Cabdriver's white Crown Victoria would be replaced by a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, and the climax of the movie would involve a demolition derby-style duel with the DC cabbies' one and only true hero...

Heck! Let's just make it "D.C. Cab II -Attack of the Rogue Cabdriver Fool".

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La Caribeña said...

LOL! Mr. T is good shit!
Good to have El Zángano back!

We missed you man!