February 22, 2006

El Cancionero del Zángano Azul

Siguiendo en la onda de los posts anteriores, El Zángano Misántropo...a veces Azul les trae un bello villancico para el placer de sus oídos. Recuerden siempre, los Beatles mintieron, y John Lennon y Bob Marley formaron parte de una conspiración mundial estalinista organizada por el 'Red Army Faction' , el 'Socialist Patients Kollectiv', el SLA y Pol Pot. ¡Ahora canten, canten(lean lean, después del update)!

This was how I broke the best

Indifference, overblown with confidence and ignorance

It all made sense

And then I watched them take the test

I believe it’s better to inflict than to attempt relief

You ask me what you need

Hate is all you need

Hate is all around

find it in your heart in every waking sound

On your way to school, work or church you’ll find that it’s the only rule

Build a different world, hate will help you find what you’ve been

looking for

Hate is everywhere, inside your mother’s heart and you will find it there

You ask me what you need

hate is all you need

This was how I won the west

Charity, a joke that friendly cities think that we believe

Or so it seems

We kicked and punched and stabbed to death

And everyone applauded my fine actions I was overcome

You ask me what I’ve seen

Hate is all I’ve seen

Hate is in the air

Come on people feel it like you just don’t care

Everlasting hate feel it in the people where it’s warm and great

Come on hate yourself everyone here does so just enjoy yourself

Hate is everywhere,

look inside your heart and you will find it there

You ask me what I mean

Hate is all I mean

All You Need is Hate/The Delgados

UPDATE: Para evitar que un ejército de abogados zombi-chupasangre se abalanzen contra mí, he quitado la canción. Que vivan los 'Derechos Reservados'.

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