August 29, 2006

What is going on in Rhode Island?

Last time I checked, a lush tropical paradise it was not. So how can this be explained?:

More tropical fish sighted in R.I. water
NEWPORT, R.I. - An unusually large number of tropical fish have been spotted this summer in Rhode Island waters by divers, fishermen and environmentalists.
Among the fish seen so far: juvenile orange filefish, snowy grouper and lookdowns. A local lobsterman pulled up a large trigger fish in one of his traps.
"We're always catching tropicals during the summer months, but I mean there are a lot more. Probably about double the amount," Jean Bambara, an aquarist at Save the Bay's Exploration Center in Newport, told The Providence Journal.

Endangered Manatee Spotted Off R.I.
WARWICK, R.I. Aug 21, 2006 (AP)— An endangered manatee made a rare appearance in Rhode Island waters during the weekend, a state marine biologist said.
The manatee was seen Sunday in Greenwich Bay off the coast of Warwick. The large marine mammals are usually found only in the warm waters of Florida and the Carolinas. The animal was not spotted Monday.
Manatees eat salt marsh grass, algae and seaweed, said April Valliere, a state marine biologist. Water temperatures have been unusually warm, she said, which probably allowed the manatee to follow food sources so far north.

Hard to believe that there are still some who consider climate change and global warming a fallacy. What's next I ask? What next?


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Annette said...

Damn! El planeta está jodido. Y como dices, hay quien todavía duda que el global warming sea cierto o que haya suficiente evidencia.

La Caribeña said...

Ese témpano vino desde Alaska y cruzó por el Canal de Panamá, ¿verdad?

Yo creo que los peces y el manatí se confundieron de playa o tal vez se cansaron de comer bacalaítos y piononos de Luquillo y se mudaron pa allá.

La Fábrica Fantástica said...

en casa encontre un témpano de esos. en el freezer.

El Zángano Azul said...

Lo Sabía!!!! Es una conspiración!!!