June 23, 2006

Dead Music

In memoriam of one the best bands that is no longer around. Hefner was a quirky, funny experiment in the late 90's early 00's by some former art students from jolly old England. Compared by some to Belle & Sebastian, but not as cutesy, with a rawer sound and sometimes absurdist lyrics that usually involved vice, girls, & a bit of politics, but not necessarily in that order.
Why is it that the better bands usually dissapear when they're most needed...? Perhaps some are destined to such fates, rather than just burn out into mediocrity.
They had some of the best song titles around, among them the "Hymn Series":
-The Hymn for the Cigarettes
-The Hymn for the Alcohol
-The Hymn for the Postal Service(not the band)
-The Hymn for the Coffee

And some of the best album artwork:

Here's the video(not embeddable) for 'Christian Girls', the sound is not the best but it's still listenable...

Or watch the one for "Good Fruit" here, and thus ends my first post in English.


~Blue Angel*~ said...

Zangano hace tiempo no te veia por ahi!

La Caribeña said...

Me gustó el video. No había escuchado a esta gente, suenan bien!!!