June 13, 2006

Nuevos Caminos...

La vida en la colmena es a veces dura, y eso de estar esperando toda mi corta existencia para el momento en el que tenga fertilizar a la reina y estirar las 6 patas se pone algo tedioso. Conversé con el capataz de la sección 4-B y expresé mis deseos de buscar nuevos caminos, aunque fuera temporalmente, y recibí una licencia sin paga para poder explorar otros campos de pericia antes de que mi fatídico momento llegue. Así que emprendí en mi búsqueda y encontré la Asociación Americana de Acordeonistas. Siempre quise tocar un instrumento así que decidí comunicarme con ellos. Su presidenta parece ser una persona que pudiera comprender mi situacion:

From: José Torres[thebluedrone@yahoo.com]
To: Linda Soley Reed[LSReed@ameracord.com]
Subject: Accordions, Membership

Dear Ms. Reed,

Greetings, and allow me to begin this letter by congratulating you for taking the helm of an organization of such prestige as the American Association of Accordionists. I am writing to kindly ask for your consideration of my membership application to the A.A.A. All through my life, I've enjoyed the melodious sounds of the accordion, a much underrated yet beautiful instrument. Its sound is unequaled in the world of music. If you could allow an indiscretion, I've noticed that your last name is 'Reed'. Is this a coincidence? Perhaps fate that predestined you to attain your status as president of the largest association of free reed instruments in the United States. I would like to be a free reed like you as well, not one trapped in the sticky, enclosed confines of my workplace, and bellow my music for all to hear, as I am sure you do as well.

Alas, I was not born with the gift of the accordion-master-supreme, as many call it, and I have never played it before, though I've certainly danced many a Polka, Hora, and Kocek to it. I do not mean to disinform you, I am certainly gifted musically, considering my expertise in cowbell, and the one song that I memorized for the harmonica, which my neighbors enjoyed for many a forthnight. Would you be able provide personalized lessons so that I can master the magical music box of joy?

In addition to this, I could serve as an ambassador of the A.A.A. to the world. I am aware that unfortunately, the accordion has an ill-deserved reputation among certain circles. But I know that it bellows the Lord's music, I don't mean just the Jesus love. I am aware that Jews play their Klezmer using it, and and the Romani enjoy this instrument as well. I really have no problem with them people...seriously.

I have one last request, in order not to take up more of your precious time, and it involves my assistant, Reindhart. Would it be possible to take him under your wing as well, he is well adept musically(he has already mastered the maracas!). He is a very well behaved spider monkey, and he is sooo cute, much better than his predecessor Alfonso, who was my assistant during my time as Cowbell ambassador. He was an excellent cowbell player, for a macaque. Yet his habit of flinging dung at passersby, among other unsavory ones, led to his dismissal and consequently my banishment from the American Cowbell Association. I am sure you are an understanding person and will give Reindhart a chance, at least in the concertina?

I would like to thank you for your time, and hope to hear from you soon.


José Torres

P.S. Viva la Free Reed Revolución!!!


Zen said...

Hay no puedo....no puedo...me muero de la risa...no puedo jajajajaja! Good luck in the AAA! My favorite part...your banishment from the American Cowbell Association...jajajajajja...me meo contigo!

morituri said...

Espero leer la respuesta.

La Caribeña said...

Espero que de esta te hagan vicepresidente al menos...porque con eso de que tienes un "macaque" para ayudar...... me imagino el duo, un macaco y un zángano con un cencerro.
¡Hermoso, sencillamente hermosoooo!!!