September 28, 2006

The Blue Drone Confesses...

A worker bee friend of mine recently remarked about my musical tastes: "I bet all you listen to is Pansy-Ass rock!". I was taken aback by the comment. How could that be? I like music that rocks...hard, preferably at ear-splitting decibel levels. I thought long and hard on this, until I realized that maybe, just friend could be right.
So, I confess, yes...I like Pansy-Ass rock...and in order to revel in my Pansy-Ass Rockiness I will post not one, but three videos from a band that may be a quintessential example of said genre:

"Something 4 the Weekend"

"If You Don't Want me to Destroy You"

"Lazer Beam"

The Blue Drone: Pansy-Ass Rocker...possibly even a communist!

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