September 1, 2006

Ernesto, you let me down...again

Not only did you fail-miserably by the way-to destroy Florida, but now you are intent on ruining my long weekend with your wind and rain. Now if you had been a real hurricane it would have been at least a bit interesting. But you are only a wimpy depression with lots of rain...meddlesome and irritating, just like a zit on the butt.
All I have to say to you is this: I'm over you, and I don't love you anymore!


Gatoqueen said...

Se te dará algún día. No te rindas.

La Caribeña said...

¿Cómo un barrito en las nalgas?


lilimarleen said...

jajjajaja... bien dicho!! pero estoy con gatoqueen... esperalo.. que porai viene.