March 8, 2006

Para que vean...

Que la idiotez no es endémica de Puerto Rico:

DeLay Wins Texas GOP Primary
By Sylvia Moreno
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 8, 2006; 7:21 AM
AUSTIN, March 7 -- Rep. Tom DeLay, facing an unusual four-way Republican primary, won the party's nomination Tuesday, calling his victory a rejection by voters of "the politics of personal destruction."
"I have always placed my faith in the voters, and today's vote shows they have placed their full faith in me," DeLay, 58, said in a statement issued by his reelection campaign.

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Me remito al video que puse en mi penúltimo post e invoco al fantasma de Bill Hicks:
"Hitler had the right idea...he was just an underachiever! Kill'em all Adolf Kill'em all! Jews, Mexicans, Americans, Whites...Start over!!!The experiment went wrong!!!"

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